Core graph Explorer [ Demo videos ]

Naggen v1.0.6

    Core graph Explorer allows to investigate the core graph (CG) of a specific network scenario and undertsand the main attack avenues towards a given target node. The graph can be explored hierarchically until the obtention of its corresponding logical attack graph (LAG). A node with a green flag indicates the attacker's location whereas a node with a red flag indicates the target's location.


  • Click on a node: selects outgoing connections
  • Shift + click on a node: selects incoming connections
  • Drag nodes to fix their positions
  • Alt + click to release a node
  • The 'Freeze nodes' button fixes all of the nodes at once
  • Right click on a node to display all available actions
  • Links

  • Click on a link: selects and expands the sublinks summarised in it (level+1)
  • Shift + click on a link: collapses the summarised links (level-1)
  • Right click on a link to display all available actions
  • General

  • Depth slider: expands/collapses the whole core graph to the specified level
  • Press the ESC key to clear active selections
  • Use the tooltip checkbox to enable/disable tooltips on nodes and links
  • Use the LAG mode switch to visualise how the corresponding LAG actually looks like
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the graph
  • The information center displays detailed information about the selected elements (scenario, subnets, nodes and links)


Information center

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